WASFAA's mission is to promote the professional preparation, effectiveness,recognition, and association of persons engaged in any aspect of the operation of student financial aid in post-secondary and secondary institutions, in government agencies, foundations, private businesses, and in community organizations concerned with the support of student financial aid. 

WASFAA's eight states and territories are comprised of Alaska, Arizona, California, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, and the Pacific Islands


WASFAA Offers:

Training Opportunities
WASFAA provides high quality, timely, and accurate training and professional development opportunities.

The WASFAA Annual Conference brings together more than 300 student financial aid professionals and colleagues for three packed days of workshops, educational sessions, networking opportunities, and special events.

The conference is held each spring at various locations throughout our beautiful region. Conference programs are filled with beginning, intermediate, and advanced tracks.


Networking and Developing Friendships

WASFAA brings the higher education community together through volunteer opportunities, conferences, webinars, and various communication outlets (e.g WASFAA website, SLACK, LinkedIn and other social media platforms) to discuss students' financial aid needs and to keep abreast of federal student aid programs and policy changes.

Professional Development Opportunities
 Help yourself grow  outside of your current position by:
    Serving on WASFAA Committees and developing new skills
    Building long-term relationships and a good reputation
    Getting to know people who can assist you and help you grow

Resources and Connections

WASFAA facilitates the ability to be in touch with other schools, association members, state and federal representatives to provide a space where ideas can be shared and where WASFAA canadvocate on behalf of the financial aid community and the students and Institutions we serve.

We are expanding our advocacy to include more contact with education policy leaders, monitoring and discussion of emerging issues, current and upcoming legislative and regulatory implementation.
    Participation on national level discussions regarding regional financial aid
    Commentary and Analysis of NASFAA's positions on legislative issues
    Reporting of calendar, rules, and political influences associated with the Congressional Budget
    Student Aid Advocacy

Which Membership Is Right For Me?

WASFAA’s Membership year is May 1st through April 30th with two pricing options:

  • Individual: $60 annually

  • Institutional:  $390 annually 

    • One primary contact who will receive annual renewal emails and maintains the institution’s roster.    

    • No maximum limit on the number of people who can be added to the institution’s roster.

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Active membership is open to Students, Financial Aid Administrators, High School or College Admissions Counselors, or any representative of an educational institution, government agency, foundation, private, or community organization located within the WASFAA region.

Associate membership is open to anyone interested in student financial aid matters affiliated with an educational institution, government agency, foundation, private, or community organization located outside the WASFAA region. Associate members are non-voting members.