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Other Important Links
  • StudentAid.Gov – A great resource for students seeking Federal Student Aid, this guide describes all the Federal programs, eligibility criteria, etc.
  • The Whitehouse – Get the latest from the President, read about White House History, etc.

Congressional Members:
Internet, Publications and Other Access Instructions

Congressional Web Sites
  • You can obtain an updated list of all members of the House at
  • You can obtain an updated list of all members of the Senate at
Let Your Voice Be Heard!
When was the last time you wrote a letter to your elected representatives? Well if it has been a long time, this information on the WASFAA website will help you voice your opinion. New members of Congress need to be educated about student aid issues and all members need to know how proposed changes or regulations will affect your students.

Remember to get your students involved! Hearing from financial aid administrators is helpful, but getting letters from the students who actually benefit from the financial aid programs would make a big IMPACT!