WASFAA wants to keep you informed about what the organization and its members are doing as well as information we feel will help you in your life in financial aid. We provide several opportunities for that and think you will find them all valuable.

Listserv: as a member you are automatically signed up for the listserv and will hear about updates, trainings, and be advised of job postings on our JobLinks.

Newsletter: a monthly newsletter is published and sent out to members with articles of varied topics from federal, association, states, conferences, training, professional development, scholarship opportunities and member transitions. This is also an area where vendors can advertise.

LinkedIn: Because we are a professional organization, this is a format that we especially like. If you don’t already have an account, you can sign up for free and then link to us at WASFAA-Western Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators.

Facebook: Like us on Facebook (WASFAA-Western Association of Student Aid Administrators) where we not only share up to the minute information, but also photos of events, locations, and members.

Twitter: Same information as Facebook without the pictures. Locate us @WASFAA_org.