Summer Institute

WASFAA’s Sister Dale Brown Summer Institute
It's not all fun and games anymore- or is it?
 Monday June 3 - Friday June 7
Boise State University

Please contact the chair at if you need to register. 

Draft Schedule

Registration Fees:
  • on-campus housing for WASFAA members: $850
  • on-campus housing for non-WASFAA members: $1,000
  • commuter rate for WASFAA members: $600
  • commuter rate for non-WASFAA members: $750
  • Late fee of $200 applied for registrations on or after May 4

Available Tracks:
Sessions will start at 1pm Monday June 3 and end at noon on Friday June 7. Please book travel to allow for attendance to all sessions. Attendees must be present for sessions to be eligible for NASFAA U Credential tests. 

    Beginner Track- geared towards processors and technicians, or those with less than 3 years of financial aid experience. Some sessions include: student eligibility, Pell grant, packaging, direct loans and verification.

    Intermediate Track- designed for advisors and counselors or those with 3-5 years of financial aid experience. Some sessions include: cost of attendance, professional judgment, packaging, and R2T4.

    Advanced Track- built for those in leadership roles or those with more than 5 years of financial aid experience. Some sessions include: administrative capability, consumer information and cash management.

Ashley Munro, Chair, University of Alaska Fairbanks
Art Young, University of Arizona
Kelley Christiansen, Boise State University
Sarah Everitt, Gonzaga University
Carna Brown, Kauai Community College
Ambra Reed, Western Nevada College
Anthony Morrone, Nevada State University
Aurie Clifford, Pima Community College
Jonathan Charres, Chapman University
Gecko McDowell, College of Western Idaho
Jenee Snyder, College of Western Idaho
Jessica Vigil, Yakima Valley Community College
Joi Grace, Northern Arizona University
Kyna Burgett, University of Oregon
Esther Gomez Mojica, UC San Diego
Molly Walsh, DigiPen Institute of Technology
Brittney Rosas-Lauderdale, Central Washington University

Housing Information:
On-Campus participants will be staying on Boise State University campus. Housing is included in the cost of registration. All participants will have their own private bedroom, but will share a 1 bathroom suite with a roommate. Bedding is provided. Participants should bring their own toiletries. Think of it as financial aid summer camp- minus the tent!