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About WASFAA Newsletters
WASFAA newsletters are created and distributed on a monthly basis, February through December each year. The newsletters are electronic and available to view on the WASFAA website.

Writing for the newsletter is a rewarding way to contribute to the financial aid community. Members and non members are encouraged to submit articles to the newsletter editor. Transitions such as promotions, moves, awards etc. are welcome and should be sent to the transitions editor. All transitions, photos and articles are subject to editing, space available and the acceptance policy.

Interested in submitting an article, announcements or other newsletter item? Please email the Communications Committee at by the end of the proceeding month for inclusion in the next month's issue.
Acceptance Policy
WASFAA reserves the right to accept or reject any article for any reason. Accepted articles are edited and published in the WASFAA Newsletter.

Newsletter Ads:

Newsletter ads are a great way to advertise your produces and services, and the newsletter will be published electronically on a monthly basis.

**WASFAA is currently reviewing how we solicit newsletter advertisements. Please watch this space for updates.**

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