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updated 4.8.14



Notes from President Frank Green's recent Presidential Highlight for March 2014


Leonard Walker - what can I say?? He is the man! As Chair of our Site Selection Committee, Leonard is responsible for finding locations for all of our events - EC Meetings, SDBSI, JRSMLI and Conference. Leonard's responsibilities don't stop there. Once a site has been approved, he goes to work negotiating the most advantageous contract possible - and it is here that Leonard is truly a magician. WASFAA has been extremely fortunate with the deals that Leonard has pulled from his hat. As a very wise person counseled me at the beginning of my Presidency, "let Leonard do his thing, and he'll make you look good"- which he has done, for at least, the past 8 Presidents - maybe more! It is truly a pleasure to show up for a meeting where all the arrangements are in place, everything we will need has been arranged and the food selections have been excellent. And anytime we come across a need of something just ask Leonard, and it gets done. Leonard and I also share a common passion - red, red wine! Many of my trips have had me arriving late at night, long after most have retired for the evening, but I have always been able to count on Leonard to be up, with an excellent bottle open and two glasses at the ready! Thanks my brother - it would not have been the same without you!


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