August/September 2002 Online Publication       

If you or your staff want to be the best that you can be in your job life, ...plan to attend the 2003 WASFAA Conference in Honolulu.

Editorial Reflections ...
Get Involved in Your Financial Aid Association
by Laura Whitelaw

There are many, many reasons to be involved in your regional Financial Aid Association. Lifelong friendships, resource contacts, idea sharing, meeting people from all over our region and sharing in that diversity. But most of all, learning how to help your client - THE STUDENT - more efficiently, completely and correctly the first time.

Over the past 22 years that I have worked in Financial Aid, and been involved with WASFAA and my state Association (AASFAA), I have personally gone through five program reviews, numerous audits, hundreds of entrance/exit interview sessions, hundreds of parent/high school nights, several College Goal Sundays, Financial Aid Hotlines and computer systems, BEOG, EDE, SEOG, SSIG, PELL, NDSL, NSLDS, NDN, FFELP, FDSLP, Perkins, GSL, SLS, PLUS, SUB, UNSUB, FDLP, DCL's, CFAR, CFR, SAR, ESAR, ISIR, COA, EFC, FC, FAFSA, GAPSFAAS, P&P, Common Manuals, Commonline 1-5, uncommon regulations, five re-authorizations, 6 refund policy changes, hundreds of NPRM's and Federal Monitors, DOE, ED, IOE, HSS, FAP, FAPS, PCFAPS, ELM, EDFUND, EDUCAID, EDTE$T, EDWISE, WHIZKID, NET WHIZARD, LAUREATE, CHELA, SSSC, AELMAC, AELP, FELMAC, ASAP, AFSA, PJ, USA Funds, USA Group, USA Education Inc. , GL, SCHLOLARNET, NSLP, nelnet, TGSL, CFS, CLC, TERI, COLLEGECARD, E-AWARDS, COLLEAGUE, SAFERS, BANNER, TRG, LineSS, FAT's, FISCOP, FISAP, INS, IRS, IPEDS, IPS, DES,VA, SALLIE MAE, NELLIE MAE, FREDDIE MAC, COD, FISH, FED-UP, HUMUHUMUNUKUNUKUAPUA`A, etc. I can't wait for the next 22 years!

If you or your staff want to be the best that you can be in your job life, (or if you never heard some of the things above and just want to know what they are), plan to attend the 2003 WASFAA Conference in Honolulu. The WASFAA Conference Committee is planning a most excellent and informative Conference agenda, including exciting sessions on Re-authorization, Audit Planning, E-Perkins, COD, ED's Electronic Initiatives, Regulatory/Federal Updates, etc.

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