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President's Report
by WASFAA President Addalou Davis, McGeorge School of Law

We started our classes in mid-August. Sure makes the summer seem to disappear before we are ready. We had about 97% of our funds available on time and did all of our Entrance Counseling so refund checks and/or EFT to the little darlins' accounts would be available on the first day of classes. Then the parade of gripers started, followed by the criers. They are all settled down now and in class and studying, so the year is off and running. I hope all of you out there in WASFAA-land are having a good start to the school year as well.

I got a giant kick out of the messages on Finaid-L called "just add water." I could certainly identify with the war-stories that came out of that. For those of you who aren't subscribed to Finaid-L, I just can't resist repeating some of the humor that came from that "discussion."

The original post said: "This time of year drives me crazy. Classes started today and I can't believe how many students are just now applying and want to know what takes so long to get 'paid.' Next year, maybe the Department can add in big bold letters on the FAFSA 'JUST ADD WATER' for those students who want instant financial aid. Ahhhh, taking it all in stride."

The first response was a nomination for the first annual "Truth in Aid Administration Award" for this clever observation to "just add water." While the solution is very close to perfect it does not address the issue of the students who will reply "But no one told me I had to add water."

Next: But they want you to add the water, because their mother always did it for them.

On August 21, a parent calls the president's office because a loan wasn't turned around in 48 hours "as promised." It seems that the lender, not the financial aid office, made the promise.

You are telling me I can't go to school this Fall? (Student had not applied for aid).

I don't know, my momma did it.

But, I am independent; I live in my own apartment! (Parents pay all the bills)

You mean I have to apply for aid every year? (From a junior)

Why can't you have aid available for me next week, I sent my FAFSA out yesterday.