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WASFAA 2016 Handouts

The table below lists the handouts presented at the 2016 Conference. The presentations and accompanying samples, letters, etc., can be downloaded by clicking on the icons in the right column.

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Presentation Title Presenter(s) Document
Federal Update Jeff Baker
A1 - Moving the Boundaries: Advocacy and Change in Regulation and Law Helen Faith
Rachelle Feldman
A3 - Understading Credit Thalassa Naylor
A4 - The Marshmallow Factor: Stickiness and Stick-to-it-ness Jacquie Carroll Please contact presenter directly
Jacquie Carroll,
A5 - Customer Service: Power of the Past, Force for the Future Jennifer Knight Please contact presenter directly
Jennifer Knight,
B1 - Connecting SAP to Retention Dianne Fulmer
B2 - No Student Left Behind: Adult Learners and Financial Literacy Programming Carissa Uhlman
B3 - Eliminating Barriers for Marginalized Students Helen Faith
Jodie Kuba
B4 - Modernizing Financial Aid Chris Boyster Please contact presenter directly
Chris Boyster,
B5 - Presentation Skills for the Non-Presenter Greg Kerr
Rosemary Martinez-Kepford
B6 - 2016-17 Verification Bruce Honer
C1 - 150% Direct Subsizied Loan Bruce Honer
C2 - Student Aid and the Federal Budget  
C3 - Uncoming Service in the FAO Mike Johnson
C4 - New American University, New Approach to Need-Based Financial Aid Sean Bowie Please contact presenter directly
Sean Bowie,
C5 - Addressing the "Value Crisis" in Higher Education  
D1 - Program Review Essentials and the Top 10 Compliance Findings Bruce Honer
D2 - Charting Your Financial Aid Career Scott Cline Please Contact Speaker Directly
Scott Cline,
D3 - Fraud and Abuse Ė a Conversation with the Office of the Inspector General Sandi Ennis Please contact presenter directly:
Sandi Ennis,
D4 - Into the Race AND Over the Finish Line: Deploying Financial Aid for Student Completion WINS! Heather Carlton
Joann Rieselbach
Sonya Stein
D5 - Donít Estimate the Power of Why Kevin Soehner Please contact presenter directly:
Kevin Soehner,
E1 - Administering Title IV Aid for Transfer Students Bruce Honer
E2 - So You Want to be a Leader Laurie Wolf
Dan Mann
E3 - Financial Aid Jeopardy   No handouts or presentation available.
E4 - Grace Period Counseling for Student Loan Repayment Success Chris Jordan
Mike Doman
Pat Robles-Friebert
E5 - Technology to Transform Your Office and Reduce Your Stress Scott Cline Please Contact Speaker Directly
Scott Cline,
F1 - Satisfactory Academic Progress Bruce Honer
F2 - Student Fraud is Alive and Prosperous Laurie Wolf
F3 - Loan Repayment Options and Loan Forgiveness Mike Doman
Sun Ow
F4 - Five Simple Steps to Managing Stress in Your Life Pat Robles-Friebert
Danette Wells
F5 - The Data Driven Financial Aid Office Tyler Pruett
F6 - Prior Prior Year Listening Session Justin Draeger
Rachelle Feldman
Daniel Mann
PC2 - Walking the Path: Utilizing Behavioral Finance to Strengthen Your Financial Education Outcomes Carissa Uhlman
PC3 - Advanced Social Media Techniques  

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