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updated 9.8.14



Notes from President Kevin Jensen's recent Presidential Highlight for July 2014


Can you believe it...August is almost here! For a lot of us, that means students will be returning to campus very, very soon. Of course, that also means we're all incredibly busy. This time of year always feels crazy. For me, it seems like as soon as the NASFAA conference has concluded, the office goes into a dead sprint and, by the time we slow down a bit to take a breath...it's September!


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Today is 18 September 2014

9/8/14 - 2014 WASFAA Fall Training Announced!

Executive Committee Nomination Form now online
8/27/14 - 2014 WASFAA Management Leadership Institute Agenda now online
8/20/14 - 2014 WASFAA Management Leadership Institute Information, Registration & Scholarship now online
8/19/14 - 2015 Partner/Vendor options now available for purchase
7/8/14 - Summer Newsletter now online

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