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updated 4.8.15



Training Events

To support the training and professional development needs of WASFAA’s members, information about additional training opportunities is available at:

WASFAA Training Webcast 2015
FSA ID: The FSA PIN Replacement

-- Registration Now Closed --

Hear from U.S. Department of Education Trainer Kim Wells about the new FSA ID that will replace the FSA PIN later this spring. Students and parents will need a new ID to access FSA customer-facing systems.

During this free webcast, participants will:
  • Learn about the new FSA ID;
  • Explore how each user will set up the FSA ID and link it to existing PINs; and
  • Review a timeline for the transition.

Prior to the webcast, we recommend you review the Department's guidance related to this change, including:


This webcast will take place Thursday, Feb 26, 2015 from 2:00pm – 3:00pm (Pacific). The webcast will be recorded and made accessible to registrants for approximately 6 months.

Registration Fees

With training and development as a key component of our mission, WASFAA subsidizes the cost of developing and delivering training. No fee is required to attend this webcast, but pre-registration is required in order to distribute login credentials to each Site Registrant. Each Site Registrant will receive communications related to the training via email.

Once registration opens, be sure to register early... and encourage your teammates and co-workers to join you!

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