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updated 4.8.14



2014 Spring Training
R2T4 Processing

Registration Coming Soon!
$20 (members and non-members)

During WASFAA’s Fall Training workshops and webcasts, participants requested additional training focused on basic rules for calculating Return of Title IV Funds when students withdraw. In response, the WASFAA Training Committee is offering R2T4 Processing via webcast, developed and presented by WASFAA volunteers who are experienced financial aid professionals.

During this training, you will:

  • Review regulations related to R2T4, including how to calculate completion percentages;
  • Explore sample calculations performed using the federal software;
  • View sample R2T4 calculation worksheets;
  • Examine deadlines and processing requirements; and
  • Learn about available resources.

Issues related to R2T4 calculations continue to top the list of the most common audit findings. Join us for this training to help reduce your risk of audit findings and help ensure your withdrawn students are receiving the amounts and types of federal financial aid for which they are eligible.

Webcast Information

The webcast will be offered once:

  • Monday, May 19 at 1:00pm (Pacific)

The person who registers for the webcast will be considered the “site registrant” and will receive all communications related to the webcast, including login instructions. Other staff members are welcome to participate in the webcast along with the site registrant.

Register for this webcast at least 24 hours in advance. Training materials will be forwarded by email to each site registrant approximately 24 hours before each webcast. The webcast will be recorded and made accessible to paid registrants for approximately six months.

Once registration opens, be sure to register early… and bring a friend!

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