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updated 5.16.16



Training Events

To support the training and professional development needs of WASFAA's members, information about additional training opportunities is available at:

WASFAA Spring Training Webcast 2016
Improving Time Management and Organization
May 19, 2016
2:00 PM - 3:30 PM PST

WASFAA is partnering with training professional Jason Swain to provide a practical, professional development training opportunity. The cyclical nature of work in a financial aid office can be downright overwhelming at many times throughout the year. This webcast will provide practical time management techniques for identifying key time wasters, setting boundaries, handling interruptions and maximizing productivity. Participants will learn how to incorporate these techniques into their daily activities by setting goals and developing a daily action plan that promotes focus, discipline, and creativity.

Jason comes to WASFAA highly recommended and has a long history working with higher education clients. He is keenly aware of the competing demands on college and university staff and is committed to helping improve satisfaction and productivity through training and coaching.

Jason SwainAs the owner and principal consultant of Jason Swain & Associates, LLC, Jason helps organizations survive and thrive today by creating and sustaining fully aligned and high performing teams. He brings over 16 years of professional experience in organization development, training, executive team development & corporate coaching. He has brought his experience and expertise to mid- to large-size, publicly held companies, non-profit organizations, government agencies and educational institutions. Jason also teaches in the MBA program at Gonzaga University.

Clients of Swain & Associates have included American Express, Ford Motor Company, Iams Pet Foods, LensCrafters, Procter and Gamble, Samuel Adams Brewery, US Bank, United States Air Force, University of Washington, Xavier University and many others.

Be sure to register today to take advantage of this valuable training topic! Training materials will be forwarded by email to each Site Registrant approximately 24 hours before each webcast. The webcast will be recorded and made accessible to paid registrants for approximately six months. Even if you cannot attend, sign up so that you can receive a link to the recording.

$20 members/ $70 non-members

The site registration fee is $20 for WASFAA members or $70 for non-members. The member or non-member price will be charged based on the current membership status of the person who registers for this webcast. This person will be considered the “site registrant” and will receive all email communications related to the webcast. Login instructions and training materials will be forwarded by email to each site registrant 24 hours before the webcast.

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